Create Your Dream Garden

Create Your Dream Garden

Gardeners often dream about their gardens, since most of their spare time is spended in their natural habitat. Before you can enjoy your dream garden there is probably some work and planning to do first. We are giving you some guidance to make this process a little bit easier and hope you will enjoy it! 


Most gardeners already have some ideas about their dream garden, and some already spent some hours dreaming about the bulbs they would like to plant coming season. Wherever your are in the process of creating your Dream Summer Garden, we will give you some tips and pointers to make it a little bit easier. 


One of the first questions gardeners start with is in which place they want to add some flower bulbs. Do you want to plant bulbs in an enormous garden or do you want to fill up some pots and planters? Get yourself some paper and make a sketch of the space you have. Keep this step very simple, a simple map of your garden will do the job!


Now you know which spot in the garden you would like to fill up with some new flowers it is time to look at the possibilities. There are two options from which you can choose: planting your flower bulbs in the ground or planting your flower bulbs in pots or containers. If you are going to plant bulbs in a bed or border in your garden, keep two things in mind:

Drainage and sunlight. Mark the spots in your yard that have good drainage and get enough sunlight during the day for the flower bulbs to thrive. If you place your flower bulbs in a spot where in is too soggy this will lead to rotting flower bulbs. 


When you decide to plant your flower bulbs into pots or containers, you can decide which soil you are going to use. Make sure it doesn't get soggy by using well-draining pots and special soil. Pots and containers can be easily moved to spots with enough sunlight, so you are a little bit more flexible when you are planting them in pots.


Right now you know where you are going to plant your new flower bulbs, so we can start to focus on what type of bulbs you are going to choose. Most gardeners are using a mood board to decide which colours and bulbs they are going to plant. Find yourself some magazines, go to Pinterest and cut out all pictures that you like and put them onto a board of large piece of paper. Are your leaning towards straight forms or you prefer organic and flowing forms? It is completely up to you since this is your garden. When you prefer straight forms, it will help to create square beds and planting your bulbs evenly spaced across the area you want to plant them in. If your preference is more organic and natural, than you can create a mix of different bulbs and colours to create a colourful garden. When you are planting your bulbs in pots and container, you can mix the different bulbs up in the container as well. In this wat you create a mix colours and types of flowers!


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