Time to plant your Lilies

Time to plant your Lilies

We love lilies for multiple reasons! We are going to share some knowledge about the two most common types. Oriental and Asiatic Lilies. 

Almost every gardener loves Lilies. We understand that it can be a little bit confusing to find out which various types of lilies there are on the market. The two most common lily types are Asiatic and Oriental lilies. There are quit some differences between those two types. They have different heights, different blooming times and their looks are a not similar. 

We are big Lily fans for several reasons. Lilies will give you almost three months of constant blooms. Beside their long blooming season they are very easy to maintain in the garden. You can plant hem in spring or fall and just water them every now and then. 

Asiatic Lilies

The Asiatic Lilies start blooming early in the season, are not tall, and come in all sorts of colours. The flowers of the Asiatic Lilies face upward and have star-shaped blooms (this is why they are perfect for cutting). The biggest part of the Asiatic Lilies grow to only 3 feet and produce multiple blooms on a stem. They start around June in most zones and continue to flower for 5/6 weeks..

Oriental Lilies

The Oriental Lilies start blooming later in the season. These Oriental Lilies produce the largest flowers and have an amazing scent. In most regions these lilies bloom between July and August and grow to about 4 feet in the first year. The Oriental Lilies are known for their improvement in height every year. The Casablanca Lily can produce 20 flowers per stem from the 3rd year. Those are the reasons gardeners are big lily fans, they give so much back to your garden! 


Roselilies are part of the oriental family. Their flowers are unique since they are larger and fuller than any other lilies. On top of that the Roselilies have double and triple layered flowers. The stems can grow up to 28 inches. They are called Roselilies, because when they fully open they look like a traditional rose. Roselilies do not have a strong scent why most people like to cut hem for indoor use as well. They posses a light fragrance and they produce no pollen. That is great news for people who have allergy! 


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